Meaning of law in Science

April 13, 2021

Newton s First Law of Motion

The test of any scientific law is our verification of its anticipations.

A people, superstitious and ignorant of every scientific law, wondered to see Him do what He did.

The scientific law of atavism is a guarantee of resurrection.

In defining our problem, therefore, we find ourselves under the influence of a scientific law of development.

An explanation by superior powers, by spirits, by occult virtues, seemed clearer to them than an explanation by scientific law.

For, as he tells you, facts establish a scientific law—law in the mouths of scientific men, meaning an established order of facts.

Nobody ever perceived a scientific law of nature by intuition, nor arrived at a general rule of duty or prudence by it.

The enormous number of new facts brought to light by manipulating hypotheses could not but modify our view of scientific law.

For the essence of a scientific law is the expression of a relation.

It is essential, then, to the existence of a scientific law that there should be uniformity of phenomena.

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What does law mean in science?

In science, a law means "a generalization that describes recurring facts or events in nature".

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