Netflix science documentary

December 18, 2020

We have the Sun on the left

More and more people today are interested in science. With the development of modern technologies, it becomes possible for everyone to get the access to the most interesting and fascinating science documentaries. Video-streaming companies allow us to watch the best science shows and movies, giving us a chance to get closer to the world of science.

There are various companies that make our way to science easier, such as Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu. Still, if we compare Netflix shows to the other companies, we will see that it offers the best quality, the best prices, and the best shows. When it comes to the world of science, it gives us the ability to explore, discover and to understand our World. Here are some of the fascinating documentaries provided by Netflix.

1. Particle Fever

This documentary will show you six scientists working to create the large android collider. Take a deep look at what it takes to launch such kind of project.

2. Chasing Ice

This film shows us the hardest environments of our planet through the lens of James Balog camera. It is mainly focused on the loss of ice on the planet.

3. Into The Inferno

If you want to learn more about volcanoes and how they affect, this film is definitely for you. It is about volcanologists who risk their lives to get answers we are all interested in. Enjoy amazing views and outstanding soundtracks flavored with the poetry of Herzog's narration.

4. The Story Of Maths

Math helps us to get a better understanding of the world of science and life in general. Professor Marcus du Sautoy shows us the story that lies behind the numbers and its influence on our lives.

5. Mysteries Of The Unseen World

This amazing film shows us things we can not see with a naked eye. How many universes do you know? What can we find in space? Find the answers to these questions with this incredibly intriguing film.

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